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Realme GT 2 Pro · De qué material está hecho el teléfono, marcos y parte trasera? Gracias

De qué material está hecho el teléfono, pantalla, marcos y parte trasera?


  • Kimovil
    La pantalla viene cubierta con GG Victus. La parte trasera, pone que han trabajado para reducir la cantidad de plástico y lograr una textura similar al papel:

    realme Design Studio once again teamed up with modern and contemporary industrial design master Naoto Fukasawa to redefine "paper". And cooperate with SABIC, a world-renowned material company, to explore new environmentally friendly bio-based materials. Integrate nature into technology and seek the deep integration of design and environmental protection.
    Through the precise laser engraving process, 12 months of research and development, 28 directional adjustments, more than 1,000 hours of color matching, and 63 template polishing, it finally presents the high-level, minimalist texture and comfortable feel of "paper". *
    Bio-based · The key to a green future
    SABIC bio-based materials are extracted from biological raw materials such as fallen leaves and pulp. Compared with traditional materials extracted from fossil raw materials, each kilogram of SABIC can reduce carbon emissions by 2kg. *

    With a new design of environmentally friendly packaging materials, the proportion of plastics has dropped from 21.7% in the previous generation to 0.3%. And replace the traditional ink with soybean ink with high reuse rate and degradable regeneration, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also beneficial to agricultural development.